viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2008

His Most Christian Majesty Louis XX Titular King of France

As I have expressed in the past entries, for all rational and legal reasons, Louis of Bourbon, Duke of Anjou is the only rightful pretender to the French Throne, all other people claiming this throne are either usurpers or betrayers.

Being the most senior descendant of both Hugh Capet and Louis XIV of France, our king is Louis XX, and may God hive gim male issue in the near future, or the claim would pass most likely to Felipe, Prince of Asturias that to the date also lacks any male issue.

Louis Alphone of Bourbon and Martínez-Bordiú was born on April 25th, 1974 at the city of Madrid, Spain, being the second son of Alfonso, Duke of Anjou and Cadiz and his then wife María del Carmen Martínez-Bordiú and Franco, a grand daughter of the late Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

Louis Alphonse was at that time given the courtesy title of Duke of Toureine, and in 1975 his grandfather Jaime, Duke of Anjou and Segovia died, leaving Louis' father as Titular King, legitimist proclaimed his father as Alphonse III of France, Louis was then at the second place of the line of succession after his elder brother Francisco.

Unfortunately Francisco died in a car crash on February 7, 1984, Louis was left thus as the only and true Dauphin of Viennois and France. However his royal cousin, Juan Carlos I of Spain has never liked his claims, and thus several frictions have existed between both families, for example in 1987 the Royal Crown of Spain declared that the Duchy of Cadiz would no longer by hereditary, thus when Alphonse III died in 1989 at a skiing accident, Louis did not receive the title of Duke of Cadiz.

However for all of we legitimists, since 1989 Louis Alphonse became HMCM Louis XX King of France and Navarre, Duke of Anjou, Chief of the House of Bourbon, as the most senior living descendant of Hugh Capet, and thus also Chief of the Capetian Dinasty, that includes at least other three royal Houses (Spain, Two-Sicilies, Portugal), one grand ducal (House of Bourbon-Parma-Nassau of Luxemborug), one princely house (House of Bourbon-Parma), one Imperial (House of Orleans-Braganza) and several other minor branches (As the Dukes of Orleans, or the Dukes of Galliera).

On November 5th, 2004 he married the venezuelan heiress Margarita Vargas y Santaella, with the hope for all of we the legitimist that soon male heirs would be born, a thing that to the date has not yet happened, however both the King and the Queen are young and well in the age of child-bearing.

Their first daughter was born on March 5th, 2007 and was named Eugenia, for all of we the legitimists she must be styled as HRH the Madame Royale or HRH Eugenia, Fille de France. Our king studied economics and is currently working at a Bank in Venezuela.

On the next and final entry about the succession in France I'll talk about the future of the line of succession and our hope for the birth of the so desired dauphin.

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roy dijo...

un abraso grande grande
dejeme decirle que me encanta lo apasionado que es usted por la monarquia jaja es bien interesante todo el grillerio de la realeza

Anónimo dijo...

What a nice post. Long live Louis XX!

eljuglardetere dijo...

No manches!!!
wooow, t super admiro por todo lo que sabes! creo que estás en mi top 5 de las personas más cultas que conozco! neta!!
Sé que serás grande! (bno ya lo eres, pero aún más por, como dijo tu amigo Roy, lo apasionado que eres en todas tus actividades y especialmente en esto de la historia)
Te mando un abrazote!

Medvedev dijo...

Dieu Tout-puissant et Miséricordieux a donné à la Maison de Boubon [ou de France] deux princes: le Dauphin Louis et le prince Alphonse (qui portera un jour le titre de Monsieur). Qu'Il soit loué et qu'Il continue de bénir la Famille Royale.


Jim Morlino dijo...

To honor the memory of King Louis XVI we offer this scene from our upcoming film, The War of the Vendee:

Con el fin de honrar la memoria del rey Luis XVI, le ofrecemos esta escena de nuestra próxima película, La guerra de la Vendée:

Ojala que les gusta.

Jim Morlino, director